Great American Jewelry buys and sells gold.   When we need gold to facilitate repairs. Our jeweler can recycle old scrap jewelry and make the needed components for a repair from the old jewelry.  Most jewelers just order the “findings” from large suppliers.  These large suppliers buy the gold for their components/findings from large refineries, the refineries buy their gold from many sources, mines, pawn shops/pawn brokers, cash for gold shops and so on.  By doing our own in house refining we are cutting out the middle men.  With this in mind we can pay more for your old scrap jewelry, as we are not selling it to a refinery, we refine it in house.

The profit that the refineries and the pawn brokers get when they sell their gold back to jewelry stores to make jewelry can be cut out.  We “split” this savings with the customer.

As a result we pay our customers more for their gold, while still paying less than other jewelers that buy from large suppliers.  Bring your gold to our location at 161 W. Main St in Circleville, Ohio 43130 and get more for you gold. Need Directions: Click Here